In 2008 Jonny and Ian went for a holiday in the USA. We first encountered KETTLE CORN at JAZZ IN THE PARK in Denver Colorado. We sat and listened to the jazz and ate a jumbo bag of Kettle Corn. Its slightly sweet and slightly salty taste was just yummy. The funky jazz was pretty good too. We next encountered popcorn in Chicago, at a famous shop called Garrets Popcorn which was on the Greyline Bus Tour.

There we bought some of their famous Chicago Mix which is Caramel and Cheese. It’s fabulous. The next place we saw Kettle Corn was in Twinsburg Ohio. And that’s where Jonny decided this would be a good business for us to try. And so when we got back home from our holiday we started researching Kettle Corn and found Graham and Julie Meyers had already started Kettle Corn at Willunga.

But they were glad to hear from us and welcomed another Kettle Corn company because it was relatively unknown in 2008 and as Graham said it needed promotion and marketing. So we built a trailer.

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