2010 – 2011

2010 – 2011

So we did lots of shows and fairs and markets and were always asked if we sold Kettle Corn in shops. Finally, we decided to do wholesale, so we bought a factory in South Terrace Wingfield and re-fitted it to comply with Council regulations for food production. We approached Romeo’s Foodland who suggested we work with Siena Foods as our distributors, and in June 2011 Jonny’s Kettle Corn started appearing in Adelaide Supermarkets and other fresh food outlets thanks to the help of Michael Mercuri of Siena Foods.
But just as we started to get going we had a set- back. The Snack Food Company who own the trademark Kettle Chips claimed we were infringing their trademark by using the word Kettle. Well, Snack Foods is owned by Arnotts and Arnotts is owned by the American company Campbell’s Soups, one of the biggest processed food producers in the world.

So we had to fight them. We changed our brand to Jonny’s Popcorn Delights and the company is now called Jonny’s Popcorn. It still cost us a lot of money to change all of our packaging, signage, website and stationery.

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